Tafe Organics: Product Review/First Impressions


In this post, I’d be a doing First Impressions/review of some products I received from Tafe Organics. Tafe Organics is an organic skincare brand that focuses on handmade toxic-free products with coconut oil as the base. This means that most, if not all of their products, contain a grand quantity of coconut oil.


How Did I Find Out About Tafe Organics?

I met the owner of the brand on a Whatsapp group and we got talking about her products. I decided to go further to go through the brand’s Instagram page and I was impressed with the reviews I saw there so I got really excited when the amazing woman behind the brand decided to work with me.

Ordering and Delivery Process

When she said she was going to send me some products to review/talk about, I wasn’t expecting how large the package was when it came. It came in, a day after she told me it had been shipped out.

The big box of Tafe Organics I received contained;

A bottle of Tafe Organics Pure Coconut Oil

The Tafe Organics Carrot Seed Soap

The Tafe Organics Lavender Soap

The Tafe Organics Tea Tree/Activated Charcoal Soap

The Tafe Organics Patchouli Soap

Tafe _Organics_Product_Review_First_Impressions_tosinolaniyiblog


I have tried three of the products; the coconut oil, the Carrot Seed soap and the Tea Tree/Activated Charcoal soap.

I’ll review the rest later when I try them. 


The Carrot Seed Soap contains (as stated on the label), Coconut oil, Olive oil, Shea Butter, Turmeric, Palm Oil and Carrot Seed Essential Oil.

The Tea Tree/Activated Charcoal Soap contains Coconut oil, Neem oil, Shea Butter, Neem Leaves, Activated Charcoal, Honey and Tea tree oil.

The Coconut oil is purely undiluted and made from matured coconuts.

Some of these ingredients are known to moisturize, brighten and clear spots or blemishes from the skin while some are known to detoxify (e.g activated charcoal).

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First Impressions

I loved the simple way the products were packaged in. They came in a white box with green handles and the name Tafe Organics written on it. Quite minimalist and mature. I was so in love with the package that I started taking pictures of it from the very first day I received it.

The soaps are bar soaps and they come wrapped in clear nylon and packed in these cute gold labels and colourful ribbons. On the labels, are the names of the soap, its ingredients, what it claims to do (e.g detoxifying, brightening, etc), its size and contact details of the brand such as phone number and social media handles. Each label has a skincare fun-fact written at the back. I think that’s a subtle way to add some value/knowledge other than the actual use of the soap. Very thoughtful!

Did You Know?

Antioxidants can revive your skin’s glow.

Use daily for brighter skin


The Carrot seed soap was the first one I opened. It had an orange ribbon and the soap itself is orange in colour. It has a nice scent to it that I couldn’t really place but after cutting the soap open, I could smell the Palmoil in the soap very well. It’s very moisturizing and I love that it doesn’t strip off all the oils/moisture off my skin when I use it. My mum noticed an instant brightening in my skin from the first day I used it.


The Tea tree soap is black in colour and had black ribbons around it. It has tiny seeds in it that helps to exfoliate your skin. To me, it smells like charcoal and a hint of menthol. The smell isn’t very overpowering though so I liked it.



The Coconut oil came in a clear 100ml bottle with a white cover. It has those covers that you just press down to reveal a small opening where the product comes out from. The coconut oil has the original local smell of coconut oil. Most coconut oils in the ‘digital market’ have the coconut perfume smell but this has the raw one. Manufacture, expiry dates, ingredients, address and contact details are included on the label of the bottle.



Aside from exfoliating, the Tea Tree soap cleanses a bit deeper than the Carrot Seed soap. So I usually use the tea tree soap first, rinse off, then cleanse again with the carrot seed soap to return some moisture to my skin. I use the coconut oil to seal in moisture to my face after applying toner and moisturizer. I also use it after applying body cream (remember my Eya Naturals HERE), to give a blinding glow!


I also used the Tea Tree soap to wash my hair and it cleansed it thoroughly.

I use the coconut oil to seal in moisture after I’ve used a leave-in conditioner.

How Did my Skin Improve after using These products?

Like I said before, there was an instant brightening in my skin and my acne scarring/black spots have been clearing. The clearing isn’t fast like swallowing Amala o (lol) but there’s an obvious change in the overall look and feel of the face and spots.

I’ve been using it for just over two weeks now and I’m impressed, to be honest.

Would I Buy This/Recommend it?


Observation/Recommendations (Pros & Cons)

I love everything about the products, so far. Though, it would have been easier to use on my hair if it was in liquid form. So, production of a liquid form of the soap should be considered to be made available on request, for natural-haired sisters like me.

Pricing and Where to Order

The soaps cost N1,000 each while the coconut oil costs N800 and N2000 if you’re buying 3 bottles.

You can order by sending a DM to Tafe Organics HERE 

or call +234 802 455 8959.

Don’t forget to tell them, I told you about them *winks*


I think the Tafe Organics range is worthy and your skin deserves all the worthy TLC it can get.

I hope this post was helpful. Have you tried any product from Tafe Organics before? What skincare brand are you currently using? Please share with me in the comments and catch me on my social media platforms whenever you miss me.





Before a girl’s turn came to go into King Xerxes,

she had to complete twelve months of beauty treatments

prescribed for the women, six months with oil of myrrh and

six with perfumes and cosmetics

(Esther 2:12, NIV).

Till my next post,

Always reflect God’s perfection xx.

Sharing Happiness one Brand at a time,

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