5 Best Christmas Destinations to Visit This Christmas (2018)

5 Best Christmas Destinations to Visit This Christmas (2018)

December 16, 2018 0 By Moyosoreoluwa

The festive seasons are filled with fun, laughter, happiness and new adventures that usher us into the new year. I’ve had the opportunity of spending Christmas in quite a number of countries in the past years and in this post, I’m going to be sharing with you, some destinations you can visit for Christmas without breaking the bank.

  • Accra, Ghana

I was in Accra last year for some days and it is a Christmas destination I absolutely love. You can visit Accra Mall, Bojo Beach, the markets and so on.

Ghanaians are also really good artisans so if you can, get your hair done or cut by a hairstylist in Ghana and you’d thank me for it. In terms of food, You can also try the famous Ghana Jollof, Kenke and so on. You can also get Nigerian Food from various restaurants there.

PS: Don’t make the mistake of asking for pepper soup. Your case would be that of what I ordered vs what I received lol

Bojo Beach

Don’t make the mistake of asking for pepper soup when you get to Ghana. Your case would be that of what I ordered vs what I received lol. Read more... Click To Tweet

Here’s my brother at the beach too lol

  • Calabar, Nigeria

Calabar is known for their lovely Christmas festivities; including the Calabar Christmas Carnival. It is a one-stop Christmas destination. The carnival is attended by all and sundry and most hotels get booked even before the month of December begins. Can we talk about the various food like The Fisherman Soup,  the Iwuk Edesi (Native Jollof Rice), Ekakoko, Ekpang-Nkukwo soup and so many others. I planned to go to Calabar this Christmas but I couldn’t so if you do go, please have fun for two *winks*

  • Dubai, UAE

I was in Dubai a few years ago and if you’re looking to go “abroad” without the cold of winter, Dubai is your go – to. I definitely love Dubai because to an extent, it feels like home; you can get Nigerian food from a host of places. You can also visit the Dubai Mall, The Burj Khalifa, and so on. Shop affordable fashion from stores like Maxx and groceries from the likes of Carrefour. You can book flights to Dubai easily and get Cheap Flights to Dubai as well.

London, United Kingdom

There are a lot of places you can visit in London like the Madamme Tussauds where real life measurement statues of your favourite celebrities are kept, malls, and so many more.


Nigerian food is surplus and you have the luxury of trying other food as well for affordable prices. Shopping at Primark is a dream as they have lovely fashion items for very affordable prices. It is quite cold this season but aside the cold, you’d love it. It feels very much like home.

Quebec City, Canada

I have never been to Quebec but I have heard of how beautiful it is during Christmas It is known for its lovely French architecture, icy tracks and delicious bistros. It is definitely on my travel wishlist.


There are a host of other places you can visit like Hawaii, Jamaica, Atlanta, New York, Punta Cana and so many others but the above are very personal to me so I’m sharing them with you. Let me know which of these countries you have visited before or is on your wishlist.


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