How To Make the Best Use of Your Sheetmasks

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Sheet masks are a very popular step in Korean skincare routines. Puffy eyes? Wear a sheet mask. Need to relax? Sheet masks. No money in the bank? Sheet mask it!

Recently, a lot of non – Korean brands have also jumped on the trend to produce sheet masks, hence sheet masks have become as popular as any other skincare product in the market. Some sheet masks are made with gel-like materials while some are microfibres. Ingredients in the essence also vary in types and functions from cucumbers, to carrots, to shea, to honey and so on to hydrate, brighten, nourish, calm inflammation on the skin and so on.

In today’s post, I will be sharing with you, how to make the best use of your sheet masks, for optimum results.

Pop Your Sheet masks in the fridge Before Use

toronto skincare blogger

Popping your sheet masks in the fridge for about 20 minutes before using them really heightened my skincare experience, because it feels so cooling and relaxing one the skin that you can actually sleep off with the sheet mask on. Some people go as far as buying a skincare fridge; a small-sized fridge, where they store only skincare products but I just put the masks in my regular fridge and I get the same effect.

Use the remaining serum/essence in the packet on your neck, hands, and Legs

toronto skincare blogger

Korean sheet masks especially are rich in serum/essence in both concentration and quantity. I have seen sheet masks with enough serum to fill up a quarter of an actual serum bottle. So why waste all of that goodness? Apply them on your neck, chest, your hands, your legs,  everywhere you can! Some people say it is easier to tell someone’s age from their neck and hands so use the serum from the sheet masks to keep those places hydrated. You can also use the excess serum on the sheet mask while it is still on your face. I go extra to squeeze out the sheet mask and apply the essence/serum on my face and body.


Double Mask

After applying the sheet mask on your face and waiting for the first 15 – 20 minutes, you can take off the sheet mask and apply the rest of the serum from the packet unto your face, then going on with the sheet mask again. I recommend you don’t wait up to 15 minutes this time as the sheet is definitely less serum – infused now, than the first time.

Do not leave the sheet mask on for more than 20 minutes


Sometimes, we pop the sheet mask on our faces and even forget it’s there. However, do not leave it on for more than 20 minutes because once the sheet mask dries up, it starts sucking the serum from your face back into itself. Doesn’t that defeat our 15 – 20-minute wait already?

Go extra with a Jade Roller or Gua Sha

For some extra relaxation, you can use a Jade Roller on your face while the sheet mask is on. You can also use the jade roller or the Gua Shua tool on your face after the sheet mask if off. They help to stimulate blood flow and depuff the skin. For some extra extra pampering, put them in the fridge 10 minutes before use. SOooooo relaxing!

Exfoliate Before using the Sheet Mask

You don’t have to exfoliate every single time you intend to use a sheet mask. However, it makes all the difference when dead skin cells have been taken off your skin and the serum/essence in the sheet mask can penetrate into your skin more.


Now, that you know how to make the best use of your sheet masks, It’s time to stock up on them and flourish with great glowing skin!

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You can click HERE to see me using one of my favorite sheet masks


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