12 + 1 Skincare YouTube Channels You Should Binge-Watch

Ever since I started taking skincare seriously, it has dawned on me, to be extremely careful with who and where I get information about anything from and that includes skincare. There are tons of channels on YouTube and blog posts that dish tips and advice on skincare. However, not all of them are legit. That is why I will be sharing my top 12 skincare YouTube channels that you can binge-watch for as much skincare knowledge as possible. Clicking on the names will take you directly to their YouTube channels.

In no particular order,


Beauty Within is probably one of the first skincare channels I stumbled on when I started learning about skincare. The channel is hosted by two Asian ladies; Rowena and Felicia. They have different skin types which makes it possible to see reviews and skincare knowledge from two different perspectives. In my opinion, this is one of the things that make BEAUTY WITHIN wholesome; the fact that you can learn about a product and how it performs on more skins than one and gives you room to see if the product can work for you.


Susan Yara has vast experience as a journalist in the beauty industry. She shares a lot about her personal skincare experience with products, for mature skin and also ingredient breakdowns. Aside from her personal channel – SUSAN YARA, she also runs MIXED MAKEUP where she does a ton of videos, reviewing viewer’s skincare routines, skincare reaction videos, the latest skincare products and treatments on the block and so on. The two channels are packed with so much content that you’d feel like you had just gulped a gallon of water when you’re done.

Hyram blew up last year and hasn’t stopped growing since then. Hyram is very akin to ingredients so he does a lot of videos, reviewing brands specifically by their ingredients list. One of my favourite videos from him is How to Read your Ingredient List. I think that’s a video everyone should watch a couple of times and pay attention to. His reaction videos to TikTok videos are also fun to watch.

I am particularly excited for The GoldenRX because she was the first black skincare channel I stumbled upon, with professional knowledge. The GoldenRx is run by Nai, a Licensed Aesthetician in Los Angeles. She made popular the 60 – second rule which revolutionized the skincare game for many people. She is also known for the catchphrase – If it doesn’t feed you, don’t water it! 


Nai has a variety of videos that targets specific black skin concerns like acne, hyperpigmentation, dehydration and debunking of popular skincare myths.

I just started watching Cassandra a few months ago and so far, I love her. She has a series of videos that explain how to properly use the popular skincare brand – The Ordinary, which has proven to work for many people but has been a disaster for some. She has videos talking about which of The Ordinary products to pair together, which to use for certain skin issues and so on. She is also very ingredient – focused which I love.

Ije shares a lot of content on product recommendations, product reviews and so on. She does a yearly video on sunscreen recommendations for dark skin which I love. She is based in the US.

I discovered Ida Maisie late last year via a software search. Ida is a licensed Pharmacist in Toronto. I was particularly drawn to her because she is black and we live in the same city of Toronto. One of my favourite videos from Ida is her video on her recommendations to treat hyperpigmentation.


James creates and shares videos from London, England and I’m not going to pretend like I don’t love his British accent because I do (lol). He is a former stylist and skincare enthusiast. He has a lot of videos, ranging from popular skincare products that don’t work, those that do and how he uses them optimally for skin health. I also love that he shares from his personal skin experience.


Tosin shares videos from Toronto, Canada that target common skincare questions people have, specifically about black skin. Aside from her day career as a Digital Media and Storytelling Manager, she is a certified skincare consultant who does videos ranging from skincare concept breakdowns to skincare reaction videos and so on. If you know absolutely nothing about skincare, start from Tosin’s Takeover.

Liah Yoo is an Asian beauty influencer who shares lots of videos about skincare conditions and product recommendations. She is also the owner of popular Asian skincare brand – Krave Beauty which is known for great products like The Great Barrier Relief, The Beet Shield and so on. She has a very calm demeanour when she speaks, which is one of the reasons I love her.

Gothamista is hosted by Renée Chow. I liken her to a cool avalanche of knowledge as she calmly shares easy to understand videos on popular ingredients and how to use them to create your own personalized skincare routine. Her channel is definitely one of those to watch if you’re just starting out in learning about skincare.

Dr. Sam is a Cosmetic Dermatologist in London, England. She breaks down skincare ingredients, types and offers professional advice on skincare conditions.

Shundara shares weekly product review videos on her dry/normal skin type and they are fun to watch. Her laughter is one that I’m particularly fond of.


Which of these channels do you watch? Any more skincare channels you love and didn’t make this list? Do share them with me below.


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