Wardrobe Staples for the New Year 2021

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Our new normal has gotten us to embrace more sweatpants, sweatshirts, tees and loungewear in general, so it’s high time we all get with the programme, however, we still need one or two staples for the Zoom baby showers and Zoom weddings. In this post, I’ll be sharing some wardrobe staples that I have incorporated from FemmeLuxe Refinery.


Red Ribbed Off The Shoulder Crop Top

Do you really have wardrobe staples if you have no crop top in your arsenal?

wardrobe staples_femmeluxe
I’m wearing a size 6

This is a Classic Red Crop Top. It has a V crossed neck, both in front and at the back. It’s also quite thick and is made with durable quality.

wardrobe staples_femmeluxe

This is perfect for the days you want to look cute for your zoom meetings or zoom bridal showers. It is also great for those days when you want to switch up your loungewear outfit. I paired mine with a pair of denim pants but you can also pair them with the sweatpants I have on in the next outfit.


Stone Cropped Loungewear Set

wardrobe staples_femmeluxe
I’m wearing a Size 4

This was my favourite of all the outfits. This lounge set contains a sweatshirt – long-sleeved cropped top and the pants are made just to fit. The crop top also has a side string that can be pulled for a more cropped and fitted effect. This is in a size 4 and the colour sits perfectly with my skin tone. The red crop top mentioned above can be worn with the sweatpants in this set.


Red Ruched Midi Bodycon Dress

This is the first Red bodycon dress I’ve had in a while. It’s mostly ribbed and is stretchy. I got it in a size 6 but I think a size 4 would have given me a more perfect fit. It’s great for Zoom weddings as I see more of those happening in 2021 as they did in the past year. I would describe it as a more wine colour than red, though.

(It looked so good that I decided to keep the surprise of how the dress looks on me so More of the dress in my YouTube video linked below)

Blue Half Denim Distressed Button Up Shirt Dress

This is the last of the outfits. It was quite big for me so I’d be wearing it as a jacket instead of a shirt on its own. It was my least favourite of all the outfits but I think I would have loved it if I got it in a smaller size.

(More of the dress in my YouTube video linked below)

FemmeLuxe Refinery has free delivery in the UK and may attract some custom duties if you want to ship to other countries (e.g Canada). Their clothes are quite affordable and are made of really good quality so this is definitely value for money! Their sizing isn’t the best so watch my try-on of the clothes below to get an idea of how you should pick sizes when shopping from FemmeLuxe.

I tried out these outfits on YouTube and my friends rated them so click HERE to watch how the clothes fit in real-time and what my friends think of them.


Which of the wardrobe staples I shared was your favourite outfit? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share.


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