The Easiest Wig for Beginners – LuvMe Hair Headband Wig

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For the past couple of months, headband wigs have made an entrance into the hair extensions space and it is here to stay. Ever since the first YouTube video I watched of someone wearing one, my interest in headband wigs has piqued and I’m so excited that LuvMe hair was the brand to quench my interest in the latest phenomenon in the hair industry.

In this post, I will be sharing all about the Deep Wave 20 inches headband wig sent to me by LuvMe Hair.

REMINDER: use code TOSIN for 20% off

Headband wigs are usually bundles of hair attached to a wig cap and hairband. To wear it, all you have to do is slip it on like a cap so it’s easy to wear and needs little to no training. No need to ‘slay’ edges or fight with edge control pastes, if you do not want to. It is very beginner-friendly and I daresay headband wigs are the best and most ideal wigs for people getting into wearing wigs or those who do not have the time for any fancy styling of wigs.

Another good thing about headband wigs is that you can get them in any style – curly, straight, kinky, you name it! The one I got was a curly wig.

REMINDER: use code TOSIN for 20% off


LuvMe Hair is one of the affordable online hair markets that stocks various wigs and bundles, including those with closures, frontals and more. Their products are 100% human hair so you can always wash, style with heat and manipulate as you wish, without damaging the hair. The shipping was also really fast and I’ve spoken to other people who have wigs from them and they say the same thing.

This was my first time trying a headband wig and I can say it’s a great experience. The packaging is so beautiful and came with about 5 free headbands and styling tools, like:

  • Silk Edge Scarf
  • Wig Cap (this came in a pack of 2 and was also in a brown girl skin tone – friendly shade. Attention to detail – kimooooonnnn!)
  • Edge Brush
  • Tweezers
  • LuvMe Clip
  • Bobby Pins

The hair itself is also really soft and it had about two hair grips inside the wig to help grip your hair in place when you wear it. It is easy to style and can be styled in various ways which I showed in my YouTube video here. My favourite thing about the wig is that you can brush it out for a fuller look and spray some water on it to revert it back to a wetter and smaller hair frame.

This wig is about to have a good time because I will be wearing it every and any day. It’s a quick 2 minutes boost to my day.

If you’d love to shop the LuvMe Headband wig or other wigs from LuvMe Hair, make sure to check their website here and don’t forget to use code TOSIN for 20% off your order.

Peep a more in-depth review on my YouTube channel here – the video is less than 5 minutes, I promise!

Thank you so much for reading and thank you to LUVME HAIR for sponsoring this post!

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