Managed an Influencer Campaign that features Blog Content (SEO, Backlinks) and Social




When a lot of people think of investments, they are instantly overwhelmed with fear. Cowrywise is a financial tech company that aims to simplify the concept of investments and savings. Delivering Cowrywise’s offerings to the faces of its targets would influence their thoughts towards embracing investment instead of the fear of it.


The everyday person who wants to invest but has no knowledge of how money works.


The target should see Cowrywise as the go-to platform for financial education, investments and savings. By increasing the awareness and social proof of Cowrywise, we can increase demand and trust for the brand.


Our solution was to engage the services of trusted niche influencers and financial thought leaders to create thought – swinging content that could change the target’s perspective of money and investments.

LONG FORM BLOG CONTENT: We engaged niche influencers who wrote long-form blog articles, sharing their experiences with the Cowrywise platform and how the target could use the platform to learn about money and investments.

INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER CONTENT: We engaged influencers and financial thought leaders on Twitter and Instagram to share pictures, videos and texts of how they had used the Cowrywise platform to save money for milestones in their lives, i.e, weddings, homes, honeymoons, etc.





Feranmi Ajetomobi



Tosin Olaniyi